Smile! It Is Summer Time In Pasadena

Jun 06, 2019
Smile! It Is Summer Time In Pasadena
Indoors & Outdoors Activities In Town; And A Guide On How To Keep It Healthy Pasadena is ready for the summer and so is Dental Studio of Pasadena! For this reason, we have combined our top picks from the city calendar of events with the perfect meals...

Indoors & Outdoors Activities In Town; And A Guide On How To Keep It Healthy

Pasadena is ready for the summer and so is Dental Studio of Pasadena! For this reason, we have combined our top picks from the city calendar of events with the perfect meals that will keep your family happy, healthy and smiling all summer long.

There are plenty of places for indoors activities; from a nice day at the movies through museums and exhibitions. One of our favorites is the cool NASA Orbit Pavilion Sound Sculpture exhibit at the Huntington; and the free Fridays at the Norton Simon Museum.

For outdoor activities, there are a variety of beautiful parks and lakes. You can take a stroll at The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens, or enjoy the beauty of a natural preserve at Eaton Canyon Natural Area.

Indoors or outdoors, we recommend starting your day with a good healthy breakfast at home and take some snacks with you so your family won’t be starving by lunch time.

What To Eat At Home & On The Go

Breakfast Ideas For Healthy Teeth:

  • For all your drinks, avoid as much sugar as possible; and that includes smoothies, coffee, tea, sports drinks, sodas, juices, etc. Studies have shown that as nutritious as smoothies can be, the amount of sugar and acid they contain can cause terrible damage to your teeth and gums. So make sure to replace all forms of fructose, syrups or any chemical sweeteners for organic stevia or honey. Remember that sodas are loaded with sugar and acids; and same goes for premade juices. If possible try to prepare the juices at home; and if you buy them, read the labels and go for the low sugar or sugar free options, and –always- water them down to decrease the sugar and acidic content. Finally for the hot drinks; such as coffee or tea, it would be better to drink them black or unsweetened; if you would like those sweet try to use the organic stevia or honey instead of sugar.
  • Carbohydrates are other forms of sugar; so try to avoid cereals, pancakes, toasts, waffles, and other breakfast foods that are served with syrup. The truth is that as delicious as this food might be, they are not a healthy option. Try not to make them a regular meal, save them only for special occasions. And when in a special occasion, prepare them at home; if you are purchasing the premade mixes or frozen boxes, make sure at least that they are –again- low sugar or sugar free. You can always replace the syrup for organic honey or a sugar-free jam preserve.
  • Natural Fruits are the best way to go for a healthy breakfast; they are very high on vitamins, water and fiber which balance the sugar they contain; so in brief, fruits are great for our teeth and gums. You can try a delicious fruit salad and add some plain yogurt with nuts. The nuts are a source of lean protein and the calcium in the yogurt will strength and whiten your teeth. Strawberries and apples are loaded with natural vitamin C, malic acid enzymes that will whiten your teeth; and will help you create more saliva which contains minerals that will keep your gums strong and kill all unwanted bacteria.
  • We have mentioned some lean proteins already such as nuts and plain yogurt; but let’s not forget that cheese and leafy greens are also great for their high amounts of nutrients and calcium. And protein-rich foods like meat, poultry, fish, milk and eggs are essential sources of phosphorus. Calcium and phosphorus help strengthen and protect your teeth and bones in general.

Lunch Ideas On The Go:

We have covered already a variety of foods that can also be used for lunch, so we want to add the value of vegetables and rich protein alternatives

  • Veggies and leafy green are loaded with vitamins, fiber and water; and the constant chewing increases your saliva production. Steamed or boiled with little salt, pepper and olive oil are our best option; but if you want to add a salad dressing, just do not over do it. Most salad dressings contain sugar and vinegar, which is a deadly combination for your teeth; you can reduce the acidity and the sugar by watering it down or not adding too much.
  • We have also mentioned the benefits of lean and rich food protein; but as with the salad dressings, try not to add too much sugary-acidic seasonings to your proteins. BBQ sauces are big offenders so it will be better to prepare them at home or not using that much if we are grilling.


  • Water, lots of it!
  • Nuts (Any kind)
  • Cheese string packs
  • Fruits
  • Veggie packages, such as carrots or celery.

*Stay away from chips or breads, as they can get stuck on your teeth and create bacteria.

Proper nutrition is the best way to maintain a healthy life; a poor diet can lead to gum disease and tooth decay in children and adults. If you would like more tips for your teeth feel free to check out our blog; or if you would like to schedule an appointment to start your summer with a great smile call us at (626) 431-2930.