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Patient Testimonial #13681

Dr. Vabik Paul Meserkhani (Dental studio of Pasadena) Have a great team I have been to Thank you so much Doctor Mauricio and Meserkhani. They are by far the best dentists I have ever been to. Both are professional, caring, and really listen to your needs right down to the little details. I drive 2 hours one way to see either of these fantastic doctors. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for quality/caring dentists.

Patient Testimonial #13680

It is an excellent clinic that provide high quality care I feel very happy with the work they are doing and very grateful to God for giving me the opportunity to have met all this team that are distinguished by their ethics and high professionalism God bless you.

Patient Testimonial #13677

Dr. Vahik Meserkhani is truly the best prosthodontics I have come across. I am thrilled with his skill, competence, care, and talent. He and his staff are caring and attentive whenever I have a question or concern. His staff are highly trained professionals. They kept in touch with me and were very punctual about answering questions and returning phone calls. On my first meeting he answered all my questions with enormous patience and kindness. He educated me on every aspect of my procedures in detail, starting from correcting my bite, to my veneers and made sure I was comfortable with every aspect of the procedure. Dr. Vahikactually loves what he does and brings that enthusiasm and perfection with him to each job. His professionalism and knowledge are impeccable and truly amazing. Special thanks to Dr. ArbiAboolian for his care, knowledge, and competence. It was a pleasure to be worked on by an incredible team. If you are looking for a prosthodontic/ cosmetic dentist who is skilled, compassionate, articulate and very gifted, look no further. Dr. Vahik Meserkhani is the best in southern California. I give my highest recommendation.

Patient Testimonial #13675

I have known Dr. Meserkhani from his Glendale practice, and once I found out he expanded his services to a Pasadena office that was open on Saturdays, I was even more thrilled. Being a full-time student, it’s hard to find the time during the week to make an appointment, but now that he’s available Saturdays it makes it easier and more convenient for me to go in for all my dental needs.
Dr. Meserkhani is an extremely talented dentist/prosthodontist and is very delightful to be around! He is currently treating my dad (who has a fairly complicated case to say the least), and throughout the process, Dr. Meserkhani makes an effort to explain to him each step to ensure his understanding of what he’s performing. With the knowledge, experience and expertise Dr. Meserkhani has, I don’t think I’d be comfortable with anyone else treating my dad. He and his staff ensure our comfort is their priority, and we truly value that.


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