About Our Technology

At Dental Studio Of Pasadena, We Make It A Priority To Stay Up To Date With All The Technology We Use.

About Our Technology

Our Technology

A Breakthrough for Digital Dentistry the new ORtHOPHOs Xg system with 3D.

The new OrtHOPHOs XG 3d combines the advantages of 2d and 3d into one comprehensive unit. With an extensive selection of panoramic and cephalometric programs to choose from, the right 2d diagnostic images are now augmented with the ability to capture 3d X-ray.

The 3d function increases diagnostic accuracy for all clinical needs and, when used in combination with cerec, it offers new possibilities in implantology.

The new hybrid unit from sirona requires about the same space as a traditional 2d X-ray machine, but now provides the advantages of 2d and 3d together in your practice while encouraging the lowest possible effective dose for the patient.

Key advantages:

  • simple patient positioning – the operator has a clear visual of the area to be scanned
  • the auto-Positioner enables the operator to take images with confidence
  • intuitive control with the easypad touchscreen makes program selection fast and easy
  • automatic sensor rotation eliminates the need for manual sensor change
  • multiple 3d scan regions allow the operator to scan only the region of interest
  • a
  • a short scan time ensures patient movement during the scan is kept to an absolute minimum n easy navigation of the 3d volume allows you to scan the volume quickly and with confidence

The premium intraoral X-ray unit Planmeca ProX™

Planmeca ProX™ is thew latest in intraoral X-ray units. This advanced unit provides easy and precise positioning, a straightforward imaging process and top quality images in high resolution.

  • Planmeca ProX is uniquely designed to make intraoral imaging easier and more reliable than ever.
  • Optimal images for all diagnostic need: variable kV and mA
  • Quick and easy to use: pre-programmed quick settings, practical design
  • Digital-ready
  • Integrated with Planmeca ProSensor® system
  • Smooth workflow with Planmeca Romexis®
  • Versatile installation options