Kid-Friendly Activities in Pasadena

Kid-Friendly Activities in Pasadena

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Who needs to go to Hollywood when Pasadena has so many fun and enriching kid friendly activities? Whether your children are drawn to arts and sciences, history, or sports—there’s something for everyone in Pasadena.

Trying to get your kids out of the house can be a struggle, but these activities are exciting for the whole family to enjoy. If you’re trying to enjoy the warm southern California weather, these options can allow you to spend a whole day outdoors!

This is a zoological, botanical, and geological nature preserve at the San Gabriel Mountains. There are hiking and equestrian trails, picnic areas, and plenty of child centered activities! Every Saturday morning there’s a Family Nature Walk from 9am-11am which is free and open to everyone. There is also a “nature trails” story reading time at 10:30 am, which features animal and nature stories. You can also enroll in various classes (for children and adults) to learn about the plants and animals in the area. There’s even a Junior nature trail! If you have kids that are interested in outdoors activities, animals, and plants, this is definitely a great place to take them.

If your family likes sports, this is the place to go! The park is 24.6 acres and it includes: a children’s play area, three softball diamonds (with bleachers and lights), a baseball diamond, a multi-purpose lit field for soccer or flag football, and a sand volleyball court! There is also a large parking lot, picnic areas, and restrooms and drinking fountains, so your family could spend the whole day here and bring a lunch!

Multitask by getting some exercise and doing some quality grocery shopping at the same time as the Pasadena Farmers’ Market! On Tuesdays at Villa Parke Center and at Victory Park on Saturdays, the market will always be there rain or shine. Enjoy the bright colored produce, unique and fresh foods, and Southern California whether!

Want to nurture your children’s interest in the Arts and Sciences? Here are some options in Pasadena for some quality educational enrichment:

If you want to find something to appeal to the history buff, artist, and outdoors types in your family all at once, the Huntington is the perfect place! There are countless gardens to walk through, including a children’s garden, so no matter how many times you go there will always be something that feels brand new. The art and science exhibitions are also constantly changing to offer lots of choices and variety.

Further your family’s intercultural knowledge with a visit to this museum that features Asian and Pacific Islands art and culture. The museum also has a courtyard inspired by Chinese gardens with breathtaking foliage and architecture. There are plenty of child friendly features like Free Second Sundays, Storytime, and interactive exhibits.

Never forget the incredible options available to you at your local library. With an appeal to all interests and ages, the library is always a great way to spend the day, especially if it’s a rainy day. There are also classes, activities, and events, all free of charge!

We hope you enjoy some of these kid friendly activities with your family—tell us about your favorites at your next dental appointment!

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